Blood Drive

Emergency Blood Drive at B’nai Israel!
Having canceled three annual blood drives during the past year, we were approached by the Long Island Blood Center to help now by re-opening our Temple for a Blood Drive in our sanctuary on Monday, April 26th, from 1:00 to 7:00 PM. With blood donations limited to the Blood Center’s fixed locations during most of the pandemic, a Blood Emergency was declared on March 15th.  As we approach a historical shortage during the Passover/Easter period, the supply on hand is already at a critically low level.  And B’nai Israel can help!

We have been assured that Covid-19 protocols in place and fine-tuned over the past year in their own facilities will be strictly adhered to, including temperature checks, masks, social distancing, cleanliness, etc.  To avoid crowding and limiting wait times, every donor is encouraged to make an appointment.  Although we always welcome walk-ins, due to the above, they will be handled on a space-available basis only.

The three vaccines available in the United States at this time impose no restrictions on the ability to donate.  Wellness protocols require that a donor be healthy at the time of the donation and other long-standing limitations based on travel and medications remain in effect. Please make a note on your calendar and call the Temple Office (631-563-1660) to make an appointment that is convenient for you.

To expedite check-in, bring your Donor Card if you have one and a picture ID.  Teens may donate at 16 years old with written permission from a parent and seniors beginning at age 75 require written permission from a physician.

As always, sign up eligible family and friends.  Blood donations have never been as important as they are right now!

Thank you.