Adult Education

Torah at Panera
Join Rabbi Rosenthal for Torah study at Panera.  All are welcome to attend as we examine the Torah portion for the week, raise challenging questions and engage in friendly debate.  And in the spirit of ein kemach, ein Torah and ein Torah ein kemach (If there is no food/substance there is no Torah and if there is no Torah there is no food/substance), participants may also enjoy a tasty breakfast.  The class will meet on several Saturday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 am.  Check the calendar for a complete list of dates.
Adult Education
Come to or stay at Panera as we study Jewish topics with Rabbi Rosenthal.  This year we will continue our exploration of Mussar, the study and practice of integrating Jewish values such as compassion, humility, and forgiveness into our everyday lives.  Class will begin at 11:15 and end at 12:15.  All are welcome to participate.  Check the calendar for a complete list of dates.   
Intro to Hebrew Class
This class is an introductory Hebrew class for adults.  We will learn the Hebrew letters, vowels, participate in a little Hebrew through movement, and learn a few Hebrew roots to aid us in understanding key Hebrew prayer words.  The goal is to learn how to pronounce Hebrew words and help learners participate in Hebrew prayer. This year the class will precede each intro to Judaism class on selected Monday nights from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  See the calendar for a complete list of dates.
Intro to Judaism Class
This class is open to all and required for those who wish to convert to Judaism.
We will meet on selected Monday evenings from 7:30 pm– 9:00 pm.  During class we will discuss and explore Jewish history, beliefs, customs, rituals, holidays, lifecycle events and more. There will be a charge for books. Come and learn, explore personal beliefs and discover where your Jewish passions lie.


If there are other classes you would like the Temple to offer, please contact Rabbi Rosenthal.