Below is a partial listing of our funds and items for purchase. Please consider making a donation. While your donation may be made to honor a special person, remember that it also helps to provide good works for a larger community.

Donations of $1000 or larger will be commemorated on an attractive arrangement of plaques in the Temple lobby. Large donations may also be made in installments.

How to Donate: You can bring or mail a check identifying the intended fund to the Temple or donate online using. You can also arrange to provide larger donations in installments. Please contact the Temple office or the donations committee if you have any questions. (631) 563-1660 or Email.




Sustaining the Temple
The General Fund
The Building Fund
Rabbi Rosenthal’s Discretionary Fund
Landscaping Fund

Music Fund
Prayerbook Fund

Honoring Memory
Yahrzeit Fund
The Ian Matarasso Memorial Fund

The Ethan William Snair Memorial Fund
The Sidney Sonkin Memorial Fund
The Ira Rosenfeld Scholarship Fund

Remembering Life Events
Engraved leaf on our Tree of Life
Memorial plaque in the sanctuary
Walk of Honor Pavers

Aiding the Community
The Outreach Program
The Help-a-Family Program

Promoting the School
The Religious School Fund
The Library Fund