B’nai Israel Circles

“Community is the human expression of Divine love. It is where I am valued simply for who I am, how I live and what I give to others. It is the place where they know my name.”
~Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

What is the goal?

Our congregation is a family, a warm and vibrant place full of individuals who want to genuinely support, nurture and be present for one another.

The goal of our small groups is to help build upon that core, to really get to know the people in our congregation. Small groups or circles help us all to find a special group of people that feel like family and home within the congregation.

What is a circle?

A group of 10 or less people who create an intimate space open for genuine dialogue and connection through a shared journey and interest. Small groups allow us to be heard, to connect on a deeper level, and to embrace one another outside of the Synagogue walls.

Circles are not classes, social clubs or group therapy, although there will be learning, support and enjoyment.

Our pilot circles will have specific themes such as Mussar (How do live our everyday life?), Here all Along (finding meaning and connection through Sarah Hurwitz’s new insights to discovering the beauty and value that exists within Judaism), and becoming a soulful parent (exploring the challenges and the joys of navigating parenthood through discussion, listening and sharing).

What is your commitment?

Agree to participate in five, one-hour online sessions, and one intro session (April 18th) all together that take place over a couple of months. Read the chapter of the book your circle is sharing before each session. Commit to listening, sharing and participating with honesty and integrity. And agree to be open to the exciting and meaningful experience of connecting to new people in the congregation.

Mussar Circle
Book: Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar,by Alan Morinis
If interested, email Sandy Weber:

Are there particular situations that cause you to “lose your cool”?
Do you, or someone you know, tend to dominate a conversation or discussion?
Do you wish to simplify and add more order to your life?
Are you able to always look for the good in a person or situation?
In this Circle, we will foster relationships with each other as we explore Jewish values such as patience, humility, gratitude, and order. We will discover and share ways to achieve more balance in our lives. Together, we will practice opening our hearts to our better selves.

Becoming a Soulful Parent Circle
Book:Becoming a Soulful Parent: A Path to the Wisdom Within, by Dasee Berkowitz
If interested, email Rabbi Rosenthal:

We will look for inspiration from a book that combines Jewish wisdom with first-person storytelling. Together our goal is to create a nourishing space where we can connect. We will listen and support one another as we cultivate our own inner wisdom as parents, partners (or individuals) and people. In a time when parenting of all ages is a completely new experience, let’s pool our collective wisdom, empathy and patience- or lack thereof.

Here All Along Circle
Book: Here All Along,by Sarah Hurwitz
If interested, email Paul Fink:

We will draw inspiration from a journey of rediscovering the beauty of Judaism through the eyes of Sarah Hurwitz, a speech writer for Michelle Obama.

Would you like to learn or relearn about Judaism as a grownup, explore different perceptions of God, observances, and the many ways to be a good person and perform mitzvot? In this group, we will get to know each other, share our individual beliefs and religious journey, and read Here All Along, in a friendly and supportive environment.